How to Adopt

If you are interested in adopting a Papillon or Phalene and feel you can give them the loving home that they need, then please follow these three steps:

Step 1

Before anything, please read our “Adopting or Fostering a Rescue Dog” pdf.

It’s essential that you understand what is required from yourselves.

Step 2

Please read our Adoption Policy.

This lays out how we operate and our policy on matching a suitable home and the various checks we do, etc. to ensure we find the best home.

Step 3

Assuming you have read the documents in Step 1 and Step 2, then please go ahead and fill out our Online Adoption Form .

As soon as you have filled the form in and pressed the Submit button, it will be sent to us.

To return your completed Adoption Application form back to us, please email it to:

We Need You!

We have fantastic volunteers who are able to provide transport, foster, home checks, post adoption checks, yearly checks and fund raising.

If you’re interested in helping us, please download the appropriate forms below, fill it in and send it back to us.

Volunteer Assistant

To become a Papillon Rescue UK Assistant, please download the following application form (word doc format).

Foster Application

To become a fosterer carer for Papillon Rescue UK, please fill out our Online Foster Application Form.


All volunteers and fosterers will need to fill out this online confidentiality agreement.

Once you’ve downloaded and filled the forms in, please send them to